The Cool Kid Says Thank you

The Cool Kid Says Thank you

Ernie Endara


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As in my first book, The Cool Kid, I move forward in the form of, what happens after school? Are the lessons we learn from our teachers, parents, family, and friends reflected in our everyday interactions? How we treat each other is still the theme, but are we able to say "thank you"? None has been more evident that what we all went through this past year and how everyday people, or people who are sometimes overlooked, rose to meet the challenge that was place upon us. It is for that reason that I dedicate this book to all our essential workers. Those who met this challenge and would not give up nor would they turn away. I hope that this small gesture of thanks lets you know that you are not, nor will you ever be, overlooked.

This book is my attempt to humbly ask parents, family, and educators to expound with a child upon the overwhelming dedication that all frontline, essential workers, and everyday people who rise to meet the challenges go through. From a simple "thank you" to a thumbs up, never before has the world needed it! As with the first book, I want to emphasize how cool it is to just give and say thanks.