The Amazing Adventures of the Gnome Nog

The Amazing Adventures of the Gnome Nog

Allen Ropiecki


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It all began one spring morning when I was taking my usual walk around the lake called Granite in the shire of Chess. Everything was fresh and green as nature once again welcomed the new season. A short distance on my walk, I was startled by a small creature of about eighteen inches tall that came out from the thick foliage and began to talk to me. I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable so I returned his greeting of hello. He then asked me if I had seen his pet chipmunk Spunkie, to which I replied that I had not. He then joined me on my walk, telling me all about his many adventures. Apparently, forest gnomes began each day planning just what they wanted to do that day. They called these activities adventures. They could be the planning of the inchworm races or the unplanned appearance of the rare and elusive wandering pine. I listened to the gnome Nog tell many of his adventures as we walked around the lake, looking for his pet chipmunk. As quick as he showed up, he just as quickly disappeared as he scurried back into the brush. The stories in this book contain the stories I could remember from our conversation. Each chapter contains one of his adventures. Enjoy them all!