Old Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey

A Bird's-Eye View

Andrew Lai


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The Bible is considered as the world's best-selling book, and it has been translated into nearly seven hundred languages. Many think the Bible is one book that they can pick up and read like a normal novel. However, they would soon be overwhelmed by the ancient text of the Old Testament, which actually has thirty-nine books covering the historical human events for over two thousand years.

This book, the Old Testament Survey, written by the same author of the New Testament Survey, will again provide a bird's-eye view of the whole Old Testament.

After reading this book, you will know the following of each of the thirty-nine books contained in the Old Testament:

Who did the writing?

Date of writing

Reason for writing

Key verses

Quick outline

Then, the author shares a "Personal application" from his thirty years of experience in teaching the Bible. He shares what general as well as personal lessons can be learned from each of the thirty-nine books in the Old Testament.

Without spending years of study, this book will help you to acquire the basic knowledge of the Old Testament. It is the author's wish that it will encourage you to do further detailed study of the Old Scripture that you might have a life-changing experience like many other scholars.

Therefore, this book, along with the New Testament Survey, will help you know the whole Bible before you do any serious study of the best-selling book in the world. This is in fact the must-read "Book of the books."