Oswald and Friends in the Forest of Hidden Secrets

Oswald and Friends in the Forest of Hidden Secrets

A Surprise Visit!

Julie Spiby


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The Forest of Hidden Secrets lies calm and tranquil under the care of Oswald, a wise oak tree and King of the forest. Under Oswald’s care, every tree, animal, insect and flower feels happy, safe and secure. One Autumn morning the peace of the forest is disrupted by some surprise visitors and the inhabitants of the forest are faced with something they have never seen before….humans! The forest is thrown into a flurry of activity as confusion and anticipation hang in the air, especially when the humans leave a mysterious gift in the forest. Who are these visitors? What do they want? What have they left in the forest? The trees, animals and insects feel very unsure about the visitors and they turn to Oswald for answers. Oswald wisely guides the residents of the forest through all the excitement as they begin a journey of discovery which highlights the differences between the natural world and the human world. Join Oswald and his friends in the Forest of Hidden secrets to see what you too can discover about nature, and how your world and Oswald’s world can live in harmony!